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Dream Ghost

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Dream GhostDream Ghost $19.95

Adults enjoy Dream Ghost as well as kids!!

I absolutely loved your book, Dream Ghost!  When I realized that it was set in Old Cahaba, I couldn’t wait to read it.  I can only imagine the research you did to recreate that lovely old town as it was in the 1850s!  Thanks for including some of your research at the end of the book.

I read the book for the history as well as the story and thoroughly enjoyed it.  For young readers, the way that you weave together pre-Civil War Alabama history, well-developed characters, mischievous boys and scary ghosts seems guaranteed to intrigue while teaching.
Kathy Grissom
Senior Consultant: Government and Higher Education
First Data Corporation


Reading Dream Ghost was such a wonderful experience for me.  Not only did I enjoy the characters and setting of the book, but I was able to share the story with my young granddaughters, ages six and four.  Each day I would read while waiting to pick them up after school.  As soon as they were in the car, they would want to know what happened to Daniel in the story today.  It gave me an opportunity to tell them not only the story, but explain how people lived in the past.  I was very impressed with Anne's historical knowledge as well as her ability to capture your imagination.
Durinda Cheek, Visual Arts Director
Alabama Institute for Education in the Arts


“I loved your book! You did a great job of fleshing out your characters. The place was so real to me when I read it. Well done!

Debbie Odom
Escambia County Florida - Retired Teacher


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