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Jeremiah A. Denton, Jr.

T-O-R-T-U-R-E. As the television camera focused on his face, Commander Jeremiah Denton, a Prisoner of War, blinked this word in Morse Code over and over. He sent a message to the world Jeremiah A Denton.Jr.from North Vietnam, while answering a reporter’s questions. After the war, Rear Admiral Denton received the Navy Cross–not for this message–but for his answer to the reporter’s question: “What do you think about your government’s actions?” Knowing he would be tortured more, Denton said, “…whatever the position of my government, I agree with it. I support it. I will support it as long as I live!” Years later, he continued this vow by becoming a congressman from Alabama in the United States Senate.

Commander Denton also acted as the spokesperson for the first plane load of POWs returning from North Vietnam. His short three sentence speech is still remembered by many: “We are honored to have had the opportunity to serve our country under difficult circumstances. We are profoundly grateful to our Commander-in-Chief and to our nation for this day. God bless America!”

Jeremiah Denton's life story weaves in people and events that provided values and essential life-tools for him. A noted Naval aviator before the Vietnam War, he was a U.S. Senator from Alabama afterward. For ages 12+

POW/MIA poster

Remembrance Table

Originally called the POW/MIA Remembrance Table during the Vietnam War, it was used to remember Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action. In today’s military, there is a Remembrance Table at every formal dinner, but there can be slight variations in items included on the table. Storyteller, Anne Chancey Dalton uses each item on a table set for one person to tell the moving story of Jeremiah Denton's life and the effects the war had on his wifAmerica's Table of Remembrancee and seven children.










Adventures of Alabama’s First French Family
Based on Simon Sails to La Louisiane and Massacre Island

Grades: K-1   Time: 20 minutes

Grades: 2-3    Time: 30 minutes

Madeline LaSalle gives a first hand account of her family’s adventures as they sail from France to Massacre Island (present-day Dauphin Island, AL) in 1701. Her three sons are typical brothers, so they don’t always get along. She lets students see and touch artifacts as she tells about life aboard ship and on Massacre Island. They feel her fear when pirates try to capture the ship! But they also share her joy when the colonists celebrate Christmas in Pensacola. Madame LaSalle tells how the Spanish at Pensacola, the French at La Mobile, and the Native Americans help each other.

“I liked the roach dance!”           Student, Robertsdale Elementary School, Robertsdale, AL

 Grades: 4-8   Time: 60 min.
  (includes questions/answers on history and writing)                        

Madeline LaSalle tells about her family’s adventures and lets students see and touch artifacts. She vividly describes hair-raising experiences of a teenage cabin boy who lived in Indian villages (gore appropriate for age levels). She explains how the Mobilian Indians taught their children to be brave. Her son, Nicolas learns about Indian burial customs in a Mobilian village, and develops respect for bone-pickers. See: Lesson Plans


 Trials and Triumphs of a Cassette Girl
Grades: 9-12  Time: 60 min.

 (includes questions/answers on history and writing)
Cassette Girl

  Marie Boisrenaud shows artifacts as she recounts the dangerous voyage of French girls to La Mobile. Each soon-to-be bride had her dowry in a small trunk called a cassette. Independent and strong-willed Marie didn’t approve of the way Commandant Bienville ran the colony. When she sided with colonists against him, he prevented her marriage to the man she loved. Battle lines were drawn, and Marie tells sad and funny tales about life in the wilderness—colonists battling Indians, disease, and each other.     

 “Mrs. Dalton’s presentations were interesting, because she told them from the point of view of someone from that time.”
            Student, W.P. Davidson High School, Mobile, AL   

 “I liked Mrs. Dalton’s enthusiasm!”
Student, W.P. Davidson High School, Mobile, AL

Lesson Plans

Web View Microsoft Word
Using Primary Sources--Massacre Island Using Primary Sources--Massacre Island
My Journal My Journal
Learning to be Courageous Learning to be Courageous
French on the Gulf Coast French on the Gulf Coast
The Salon The Salon

See: Workshops!
Teacher workshops can be adapted into presentations for students.

Dream Ghost Presentations

A Bad Dream, a Ball of light, andDream Ghost the book a Burglary
Grades 4-8: 45 minutes
  Based on Dream Ghost 
Lucy Bell makes the 1850s town of Cahaba, Alabama come to life as she tells of her adventures with Daniel Seer. After a bad dream his first night in Bell Hotel is followed by a burglary that seems to connect with his dream, Daniel becomes a private eye and sets out to solve the burglary case. He uses logic, persistence, and determination like his hero, Allan Pinkerton. Friends join in the adventure to help solve the crime. His enslaved friends, George and Jordan Hatcher also help. Years later, after slaves are freed, Jordan and George become leading citizens in the town.
Mrs. Dalton’s presentation can also include a 10-15 minute segment on descriptive writing in which she seeks to inspire students to become writers.

A Southern Belle and Shootouts

Anne in antebellum dressGrades 9-12: 45 minutes
  Based on true information from Dream Ghost
      Lucy Bell, one of the prettiest girls in Cahaba, Alabama, fell in love with William Quarles, a handsome and wealthy young man. Envied by all the young people in town, they were married the day before Lucy’s 17th birthday. Their love and happiness began to turn sour during their first year of marriage and one bad choice followed another until the whole town was involved in their lives. Why was a body dug up in the middle of the night and moved? What brought on the shootout between Lucy’s brother and William? And finally, what caused the big shootout between Lucy’s father and two brothers and three leading citizens of Cahaba? Did Lucy and William live happily-ever-after?      

Anne leads a tour ofAnne Leads a tour of Old Cahaba

Old Cahaba the setting for Dream Ghost.

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