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I lead an exciting life exploring places from Canada to remote cemeteries
in Texas doing historical research for my books.

John R. and John A. Bell are in my book, Dream Ghost. Father and son are buried in this double grave in the “New Cemetery” in Cahaba, Alabama. “No murderer hath eternal life abiding in him” is written on the bottom of the tombstone. 
Go to For Kids to read this true story.


Archaeology fascinates me.  It's like solving a mystery.  I’ve worked on digs in Virginia and Alabama, including a couple of days on a tavern site at Old Mobile. In Massacre Island Nicolas LaSalle helped clear the land there. I’ll soon be writing about his family living at La Mobile (Old Mobile).  

For Kids: Learn an interesting fact about poison ivy and archaeological digs—Scratch! Scratch!  Read about artifacts found in a latrine (bathroom) at Fort Morgan, AL.

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         Drama takes me from dinner theaters in Florida


To clowning in Costa Rica


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I’ve portrayed historical characters in Colonial Williamsburg,
the American Village, and around the USA.





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In England I've portrayed Susanna (mother of John Wesley, founder of the Methodist Church) in various locations, including the Pier Theater in Bournemouth.



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