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Jeremiah A. Denton, Jr.

T-O-R-T-U-R-E. As the television camera focused on his face, Commander Jeremiah Denton, a Prisoner of War, blinked this word in Morse Code over and over. He sent a message to the world Jeremiah A Denton.Jr.from North Vietnam, while answering a reporter’s questions. After the war, Rear Admiral Denton received the Navy Cross–not for this message–but for his answer to the reporter’s question: “What do you think about your government’s actions?” Knowing he would be tortured more, Denton said, “…whatever the position of my government, I agree with it. I support it. I will support it as long as I live!” Years later, he continued this vow by becoming a congressman from Alabama in the United States Senate.

Commander Denton also acted as the spokesperson for the first plane load of POWs returning from North Vietnam. His short three sentence speech is still remembered by many: “We are honored to have had the opportunity to serve our country under difficult circumstances. We are profoundly grateful to our Commander-in-Chief and to our nation for this day. God bless America!”

Jeremiah Denton's life story weaves in people and events that provided values and essential life-tools for him. A noted Naval aviator before the Vietnam War, he was a U.S. Senator from Alabama afterward. For ages 12+

POW/MIA poster

Remembrance Table

Originally called the POW/MIA Remembrance Table during the Vietnam War, it was used to remember Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action. In today’s military, there is a Remembrance Table at every formal dinner, but there can be slight variations in items included on the table. Storyteller, Anne Chancey Dalton uses each item on a table set for one person to tell the moving story of Jeremiah Denton's life and the effects the war had on his wifAmerica's Table of Remembrancee and seven children.










 Ms Dalton uses her books Massacre Island and Simon Sails to La Louisiane plus local archaeological and historical information. The presentations supplement the Harcourt Brace Social Studies—Florida Edition

Neighbors to the Rescue

Grades: K-1   20 minutes
Grades: 2-3    30 minutes

Sail with the LaSalle family from France to Pensacola in 1701. Madeline LaSalle lets you see and touch artifacts used on the ship, and you will feel the fear as pirates attack. She tells funny stories about her three sons; the man with a silver nose who loved chocolate; and buffalo hunting. Experience Christmas at Santa Maria de Galve (Pensacola). The French from the ships, the Spanish men at the fort, and Indians help each other.

 “I liked the roach dance!” (Most quoted response—Kindergarten-adults)

Grades: 4-5  60 minutes
Grades: 6-8 
60 minutes

Madeline LaSalle weaves early Florida history into her experiences with pirates, alligator attacks, and bone-pickers. Students see and touch artifacts as she tells of the voyage from France to Pensacola in 1701. She tells funny stories about her three sons; the man with a silver nose who loved chocolate; and buffalo hunting. She vividly describes hair-raising experiences of a teenage cabin boy who lived in Indian villages (gore appropriate for age levels).

“The program was funny!”
“The thing that made sparks was cool!”

Fourth graders, Springfield Elementary School, Springfield, FL


A French Girl’s Daring Adventures

Grades: 9-12  60 minutes

Marie Boisrenaud easily pulls in early Florida history as she recounts the dangerous voyage of French girls to La Mobile in 1704. Each soon-to-be bride had her wedding things in a small trunk called a cassette, but independent and strong-willed Marie never married. When she sided with colonists against Commandant Bienville, he prevented her from marrying the man she loved. Marie tells sad and funny tales about life in the wilderness—colonists battling Indians, disease, and each other. Students learn interesting and gory tidbits about the Spanish in Florida, the Apalachee Indians, and the French as they help each other survive.  

 “I liked Mrs. Dalton’s enthusiasm.”
French class student, Davidson High School, Mobile, AL


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