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French on the Gulf Coast  


  1661          Pierre Le Moyne (Iberville) born in Montreal , Canada

1680          Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne (Bienville) born in Montreal , Canada


1682                Robert de La Salle explores MS River to the Gulf of Mexico


1684                Robert de La Salle tries to set up a French colony in present-day Texas



1698          Iberville's First Voyage to La Louisiane - leaves France in November


Jan.            Arrives on the Gulf Coast  

Feb.           Iberville and Bienville explore Massacre Island and present-day MS

Mar.           Explore present-day LA and Mississippi River

Apr.           Fort Maurepas built on Biloxi Bay

May           Iberville returns to France    

Dec.           Iberville's Second Voyage - returns to Fort Maurepas


  May         Iberville returns to France


  Aug.        Bienville takes command of Fort Maurepas when commandant dies

  Nov.        Iberville's Third Voyage to La Louisiane

  Dec.         Ships arrive at Santa María de Galve— port of Pensacola


Jan. 3        La Salle family and others sail from Pensacola to Massacre Island

Jan. 11       Bienville and others travel up the Mobile River to select the site of La Mobile

Jan.           Work begins on Fort Louis and La Mobile

Mar. 3        Iberville arrives at La Mobile

May           Iberville sails back to France . Leaves Bienville in charge of fort and settlement.


Oct.            First week of Oct. Cassette Girls are ready to leave Paris

                   Second week of Oct. travel 300 miles by horse drawn carts.

      Last week of Oct. arrived at Rochefort, a small port town.

Nov.          Girls lodged in an orphanage while ships prepare to sail.


April          Pelicanleft France (Voyage 52-53 days)

June 10      Pelican arrives at Cap Français. Girls required to stay aboard ship.

June 17      Depart Cap Français for Havana

July 7         Arrive in Havana . Girls and nuns are allowed to leave the ship.

July 14       Depart Havana .

July 20       Arrive near Pensacola to get fresh water.

July 22       Arrive at Massacre Island .

July 27       Depart for La Mobile

Aug. 1       Arrive at La Mobile .


1706          Iberville dies in Cuba


1711                La Mobile moved to Mobile 's present location


1717          Fort Toulouse built at present day Wetumpka

1718                Bienville founds New Orleans


1762                After French and Indian War, present-day Louisiana becomes Spanish

1763                Present-day western Florida , Alabama , and Mississippi become British


1768                Bienville (88 yrs.) dies in France


1817          Vine and Olive Colony 










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