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Anne’s passion for living history is contagious—she has fun and so does the audience. When she says she loves what she’s doing, the usual response is, “That’s obvious!”

 As a character interpreter, Anne uses information from historical research, instead of a script. The intensity increases as the audience’s perception of her fades and a person from the past takes her place. Children’s faces light up as they realize that people in history books were real and had problems similar to ours.      

 Anne is an author who answers questions simply and enthusiastically. Her goal is to increase students’ self-esteem as she motivates them to read and write.

 “Our students and faculty thoroughly enjoyed your performances. They kept commenting on the artifacts. Massacre Island is going to be a hit with our students!”
                             Laura Kaylor, Media Specialist
                             Helena Intermediate School    Helena, AL

“The presentation was great.  It was funny.
Fourth grader, Springfield Elementary School     Panama City, Fl

 “Thank you for advising young writers. They should have a better appreciation for researching, editing and other aspects of writing. Perhaps someday we will have a published author from among them!”
         Sue Lyon, Librarian, St. Mary School      Mobile, AL


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