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Anne Chancey Dalton’s passion for living history is contagious—she has fun and so does the audience. When she says she loves what she’s doing, the usual response is, "That’s obvious!"

Dressed in period clothes, Mrs. Dalton as a character interpreter uses information from historical research to portray individuals. Hands-on artifacts make history come alive as she tells interesting and funny stories. The intensity increases as the audience’s perception of her fades and a person from the past takes her place.

Mrs. Dalton answers questions simply and enthusiastically. Her goal is to increase students’ self-esteem as she motivates them to read and write.

The following items will be available for purchase and can be autographed. Check the item(s) wanted and include payment to: Black Swans Books.

____Massacre Island - $19.50 including tax (hardcover book) Ages 8+

In this fast-paced historical fiction, Nicolas LaSalle witnesses an alligator attack, fears pirates,

and visits an Indian village. Will he live up to his father’s expectations and become brave and

trustworthy? Will he solve the mystery of Massacre Island? (Present-day Dauphin Island, Alabama)

____Simon Sails to La Louisiane - $4.90 including tax (historical coloring book) K+

Early readers will enjoy this historical account of one of the first French families to

settle in Alabama. Additional historical information is included on each page.

_____Autographed picture of author on Massacre Island - $2.00

_____Dream Ghost - $19.50 including tax (hardcover) Ages 8+

Daniel Seer plans to use determination, persistence, and logic like a Pinkerton private eye to solve the

case of the stolen trunk.


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