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2012 Stars and Flags Book Award
First Place (Children 9-12)

A national contest which promotes books with military content

Jeremiah Denton Award Winning Gold Medal

Marie BroisrenaudNew Hope UMC was very pleased with the presentation Anne Dalton gave of the French Cassette girls--“mail order brides”--that came to Mobile. Our church and community received a wonderful lesson about life on the Gulf Coast in the early 1700s through the eyes of the young French woman, Marie Broisrenaud. Not only did Anne entertain us, but we also learned of early “Alabamians.”
Rodney Smith, New Hope UMC, Gateswood, AL

Susanna WesleyAnne Chancey Dalton presented Susanna Wesley to the Young at Heart group in such a realistic manner, that the mood was not broken despite a raging storm. When a tornado sighting required the group to move to safety, everyone responded to the frightening situation with calm. Then, we enjoyed learning of the life and times in which Susanna lived and faced her storms of life from within and without. As Susanna, Anne remained calm and responded to questions, making it seem as if Susanna was indeed among us demonstrating her faith and resilience during tumultuous times."
Young at Heart Program Committee, Asbury UMC, Birmingham, AL

Jody Along the Path

My ‘musings’ as I walk along this life that I have been given.
June 9th, 2010



ANNE CHANCEY DALTON: God-given Talents

Glenda Bryan and Anne Dalton (as Mary Magdalene)

Anne Dalton has been a friend for over 15 years. After seeing her this past week, I can say without any doubt – I have not met all the many faces (facets) of Anne! This woman takes her gift for teaching (26 years in Title 1 schools) into her current season as an historical interpreter, giving dramatic presentations in churches and stages around the world. Among her characters, Susanna Wesley, Peggy Dow, Mary the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene (to name a few) transport the viewer from their chair into the lives and times of those who have gone before us, where we can learn and grow personally.

Anne is also an author of three books, Dream Ghost, Simon Sails to LaLouisiane, and Massacre Island. Her love of history and ongoing exploration of the Gulf Coast area has brought fiction to a new level as her characters give us a look into the history of the area from which she writes.

If you have a conference, church homecoming, or banquet in the future and are looking for ‘entertainment’ that will also engage and teach the audience, contact Mrs. Dalton through her website. You will find descriptions of her roles and reviews of those who have already enjoyed the pleasure of her company.

Jody Neufeld
Energion Publications


National Council of Social Studies

National Council of Social Studies recommendation











Adults enjoy Dream Ghost as well as kids!!

I absolutely loved your book, Dream Ghost!  When I realized that it was set in Old Cahaba, I couldn’t wait to read it.  I Dream Ghostcan only imagine the research you did to recreate that lovely old town as it was in the 1850s!  Thanks for including some of your research at the end of the book.

I read the book for the history as well as the story and thoroughly enjoyed it.  For young readers, the way that you weave together pre-Civil War Alabama history, well-developed characters, mischievous boys and scary ghosts seems guaranteed to intrigue while teaching.
Kathy Grissom
Senior Consultant: Government and Higher Education
First Data Corporation


Reading Dream Ghost was such a wonderful experience for me.  Not only did I enjoy the characters and setting of the book, but I was able to share the story with my young granddaughters, ages six and four.  Each day I would read while waiting to pick them up after school.  As soon as they were in the car, they would want to know what happened to Daniel in the story today.  It gave me an opportunity to tell them not only the story, but explain how people lived in the past.  I was very impressed with Anne's historical knowledge as well as her ability to capture your imagination.
Durinda Cheek, Visual Arts Director
Alabama Institute for Education in the Arts


“I loved your book! You did a great job of fleshing out your characters. The place was so real to me when I read it. Well done!

Debbie Odom
Escambia County Florida - Retired Teacher



 Comments from Students About Massacre Island

I am the one from Brilliant, Alabama who drew the cover of your book Massacre Island. I think you are a great inspirationMassacre Island for many people! I really loved how you told your stories, because they kept me interested. Sometime soon I’m gonna get started on the book that I drew the cover for, and I'll get back with you and tell you how it was! Oh yeah, I will always keep on keeping on all because of you.

Haley Wilkinson 




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